Fist pumping, steering wheel slapping, gas pedal flooring, rock and roll with soaring melodies, cranking guitars, and grooves that will make you want to pull over and rock the f*ck out!


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“Wow! What a treat! I just loved the song “Medicine”. Absolutely fantastic! I would highly recommend to everyone out there who truly love unique and creative songs. Keep it up!” – Andrew

“Terrific version of ‘Smoke on the Water’. I loved it. I even purchased your two CDs and I must say, you have done an incredible job. Honestly, I have listened many songs in this genre in the past and trust me, this one is the best! Lots of love” – Kyle

“Awesome! I downloaded the song and just gave it a try and believe me, it drove me wild, sending sparks through all my cells. It’s magical. I truly appreciate your talent. Keep it up. Love!” – Jasmine

“Fantastic experience! The song is awesome and the beats are truly magical. I just loved it. Thanks for offering it for free- wow, can’t believe it!” – Ryan


Life is a journey, isn’t it? It all started from my first-sight LOVE with drums at church. I switched guitar at 14 and after high school, my love for guitar took a new turn when I started teaching guitar. Honestly, I am mad in love with great rock and roll from that classic era band’s like Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, Deep Purple, Kansas and Rush and I was deeply inspired by Nirvana, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, and Alice in Chains as well. So I always tend to add that WOW factor to my music. I am a lover of creativity and always try to do different things in order to make sure the listeners are enjoying themselves.

Despite all the ways music has affected me, it will mean very little if I can’t turn around and affect you in a similar way. Music is about sharing passion and bringing together a diverse community by offering a universal language. Yes, I love music, and yes, I want to do it for years and years to come. But, right now I just want to share my passion with the world. Will you take this free download, give it a listen, and spread the word? It only takes one person to start a fire. What better reason to start a fire than music?