Record Labels, Venues, Booking Agents, Etc. Are NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR MUSIC.

They Are Interested In YOUR FAN BASE!

Dear Artist,

Are you tired of spending thousands of dollars recording, mixing, mastering and pressing each new release only to have very few downloads and CD sales?

Are you tired of booking shows, putting up hundreds of fliers, posting your show over and over on social media only to get a handful of fans (if ANY) to show up?

Are you tired of trying to book shows and constantly being asked, “How many tickets can you sell?”

The solution to all of these problems is FANS! With a loyal fan base, you will find that all of these problems melt away.

Keep this in mind; record labels, venues, booking agents, as well as all of the other gatekeepers that you encounter, are not interested in your music. They are interested in your fan base!

Once you have the fans…

Record Labels, Venues, Booking Agents, Etc. Will Be Much More Receptive To Your Music And Much More Interested In Working With You

When you have a solid fan base, selling tickets to shows is no problem.

When you have a solid fan base, running a successful crowdfunding campaign is easy.

When you have a solid fan base, having advance sales for your new record WILL happen!

I know what you are thinking. “This all make sense. But how? How do I…

“Build A Powerful Base Of Fans That Will Support My Career, Attend My Shows, Buy My Music & Merchandise, And Tell All Their Friends About Me?!”

Hi, my name is Lou Lombardi, and I’m a musician just like you. And I have spent that past 10 years studying marketing from various teachers both in and out of the music business.

In addition, I’ve taken the last 2 years of my life to devote to interviewing artists, producers, record label executives, and music business publicists…

To Get The Inside Scoop On How These Amazing People Are Cultivating Powerful Fan Bases!

Listen, I’ve learned a lot these past few years from these amazing artists and music professionals, and now I want to share their incredible business lessons with you!

Why would I share this invaluable business wisdom with you? That’s a great question and a question I’d be asking too.

The answer is simple. I want to help my fellow artists – kindred spirits if you will – get out of the trenches and stop struggling and help them rise up in the music industry.

You see, I love music, and I originally started interviewing artists to help them grow their fan bases.

But what I discovered was that I could help more artists by also interviewing producers, record label executives, and music business publicists – the men and women behind-the-scenes that make the music business work like gangbusters.

Not only was I able to help promote their artists, I was also able to see how they promote and market their own artists, as well as the thought process behind how they do what they do.

To continue my original mission of helping artists grow their fan bases, I want to pass these precious lessons onto you in the hopes that they help you grow and thrive with your artistry.

So, if you are interested in generating a loyal fan base that will stick with you for the life of your career, then…

I Invite You To Join Me For A SECRET 5 Week MASTERMIND GROUP That Meets Weekly On Facebook

During these weekly meetings you will learn how to capture new fans, grow them into loyal fans, and eventually turn them into super fans – all from the comfort of your home, office or favorite coffee shop!

You will be invited to ask questions and share your experiences. You are also welcome to just come and listen in if you’re the shy type.

Are ready to move forward with your music career and start learning how to create a loyal fan base that will support you?

Here are the details – the where, when, and how:

– The Secret Group will meet via Facebook Group once per week for four weeks.

– Meetings are on Sundays from 11:00AM – 12:00PM EST.

– Meetings will start on Sunday, February 5, 2017 and will conclude on Sunday March 5, 2017

– Group members are welcome to post questions, comments, etc. throughout the week.

– Sunday Morning Sessions include Facebook Live Video.

– I will be checking the group daily and answering as many questions as possible.

– The Secret Group is limited to 75 members!!

– Each week we will delve into a different topic.

– The Secret Group’s purpose is to create a COMMUNITY of like-minded people.

– The Secret Group is not a forum for business promotions.

What you will you learn:

-How to create a website that generates fans

-How to get fans to fall in love with you

-How to stay in constant contact with fans to deep the relationship and WHY this is SO important

-How to present and sell merchandise..EVEN MUSIC! (It’s a myth that fans won’t buy your music)

Here’s what others are saying about The Super Secret Musicians Mastermind:

“Lou represents everything good about the new music industry. Lou is friendly, knowledgeable and genuinely passionate about helping independent musicians go further -I really look forward to learning more from him in future.”

-Kerry JK UK Recording Artist

“Lou’s recommendations are actionable, useful, and insightful, and the members of the mastermind group are positive and inspiring individuals. They give up beat and useful feedback without just telling you what you want to hear”

-Cameron Bird Hard Rock and Grunge Recording Artist “Cam Bird”
Melbourne, Australia

“I loved Loudini’s Super Secret Musician’s Mastermind! It opened my eyes to what is really possible as an independent musician. The classes were packed with techniques and strategies that are easily implementable even for those of us on a tight budget”

-Bosman Robinson
Blackout Entertainmet/Jab Records

Space Is Limited, So You Will Want To Act Fast!

Follow the instructions below:

  1. Scroll down and click: JOIN THE SECRET GROUP.

– Follow ALL of the prompts.

– You will receive TWO more emails regarding this opportunity. Please open and read your emails. They will come from “Loudini’s SUPER SECRET Musician’s Mastermind”.

– PLEASE click through ALL links and follow the prompts. (Note: Links inside the emails are PURPLE TABS.)

– Please note that if you don’t complete all the forms and click the links, you won’t have access to the group. I know this may sound a little complicated, but it’s super easy.

  1. Go to Facebook/Instagram and LIKE/FOLLOW “Loudini’s Super Secret Musician’s Mastermind” so we know who you are.

Please let us know what name you use on Facebook so we can add you!!!

Group Terms:

– You agree to use verbal, written & social conduct in this group,

– You agree to respect the privacy of group members.

– You agree to participate in this group as a Community Forum.

– You understand any form of business solicitation or harassment of group members will not be tolerated.

You should receive a confirmation email from us within 24 hours. Check your junk mail folder if you can’t find your email.

Last, please read your emails. They will contain everything you need to know.

We’re going to have a blast!

Click the JOIN THE SECRET GROUP button below and see you in the group!