Balls deep rock n’ roll.

When a teenage Trekker from a devout Christian upbringing realised he couldn’t join the crew of the Enterprise, he did the next best thing; he picked up a guitar, traded his Larry Norman praise music influences for ‘real’ rock n’ roll and never looked back.

Lou ‘Loudini’ Lombardi has been rocking the Pittsburgh PA area and beyond for over 20 years with his high octane brand of classic hard rock, as a solo artist, with his band Strangelove and as a freelance songwriter and session player for acts including Carly Simon and Billy Joel collaborator Pete Hewlett. As the host of the Loudini Rock and Roll Circus on Rock Rage Radio he broadcasts weekly to a dedicated international fanbase, bringing the best in independent rock music and chat. He has conducted extended interviews with a wide roster of musicians, including recent chats with Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss and Nancy Wilson of Heart. And even if he never did fly to the stars, he came close when he opened for KISS’s space-ace Ace Frehley.

He is currently working on new material with a new band, having recently released the single Where Have All The Acid Queens Gone?, his first studio release since the 2015 album Strangelove.

Where Have All The Acid Queens Gone? was co-produced by UK “musician misfit” Kerry JK, who also contributed keyboards and backing vocals. The track exemplifies Lou’s brand of “Balls Deep Rock n’ Roll” with fierce classic hard rock stylings and guitar-led attitude.