Hooks; What are they? Why we need them? What are 10 of the best?

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On this week’s Loudini Rock & Roll Circus Podcast :
as the song says “the hook brings you back” and on this edition of our podcast we will give you the lowdown on what exactly makes you love the songs that you love. It’s all about that hook baby and if you’re confused, don’t worry. Loudini and company are gonna explain it all!
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Topics Discussed:
What we did this week:
Loudini: Viking Wolf, The Croning
Mr Pittsburgh:
Why we decided on this topic
what makes a great hook?

How to Write Killer Song Hooks

What Makes a Great Song Hook?

Name that Hook
War Pigs
Smoke on the Water
Tom Sawyer
Running with the Devil
Highway to Hell
Iron Man
Stairway to Heaven
Sweet Child O’ Mine
Free Bird
Hard Day’s Night
Heavy Metal Hooks?

The 30 Greatest Hooks In Heavy Metal History


12 Catchy Rock Song Hooks

New & Notable:
Lily :
Loudini: Theriaca https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__dpH-odics
Loudini’s Great Moments in YouTube:

Cory on Carter Vintage

This Day In Music

This Day In Music

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