Rock’s Best Innuendos: WARNING! EXPLICIT!

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On this week’s Loudini Rock & Roll Circus Podcast :
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Let’s face it… there’s a reason why the saying is “sex drugs and rock & roll!” That’s why on this Valentine’s Day edition of The Loudini Rock and Roll Circus we will tell you about the greatest innuendo’s in rock history
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Topics Discussed:
a quick word about black history month
What we did this week:
Loudini: got the flu. watched tons of youtube (stories) The 4th Man
Mr Pittsburgh: the last of us
Squeeze box; The Who
Dancing in The Dark; Springsteen
What Do You Do For Money Honey? and about 20 other AC/DC songs
Pearl Necklace; ZZ Top
Whole Lotta Love; Led Zeppelin
Ice Cream Man; Van Halen
If You See Kay; April Wine
Peaches: Presidents of the USA
Sledghammer; Peter Gabriel
One Bitten Twice Shy; Great White
Where’s the sex in rock today? Is it really rock without sex?
A word about the author’s intention
New & Notable:
Lily :
Loudini: Xanadu; Winery Dogs
Loudini’s Great Moments in YouTube:
The Lore Lodge
Russell’s Paradox
Rick Beato on bands using tracks live
This Day In Music

This Day In Music

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