The Dio Day

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On this week’s Loudini Rock & Roll Circus Podcast :
All Dio… all day!
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Topics Discussed:
What we did this week:
Loudini: Clerks III, Andor
Mr Pittsburgh: Weird
The life and times of Ronnie James Dio
Early life
Rock bands… elf, rainbow, sabbath
Dio and beyond
Hearing Aid
Vivian Campbell
From 80K per show to 80n per show
The Dio Years and Heaven and Hell
Compilations and guest appearances
Dio & Yngwie: Dream On
The Pick of Destiny
Dio: Dreams Never Die
Top Rock Songs Streamed This Week

New & Notable:

Lily :
Loudini: Metallica Lux
Loudini’s Great Moments in YouTube:
This Day In Music

This Day In Music

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