Bands that Never Changed their Sound

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Most bands evolve and experiment …at least a little in their career especially if they last for a while. Like every rule, there are always the exceptions.
On this week’s Loudini Rock & Roll Circus Podcast :
Bands that never changed their sound …and the possible reasons.
Topics Discussed:
What we did this week:
Loudini: new Ronnie James Dio Documentary, Violent Night, Await Further Instructions
Mr Pittsburgh:
Lily: became Aunt Lily

Bands that never Changed their sound:
Rage Against The Machine
The Ramones
Alice In Chains

talk guitars… chibson… boutique guitars vs production
New & Notable:
Lily :
Kevin: “Too Much” The Commoners
Loudini’s Great Moments in YouTube:
Stevie T makes kids’ Christmas

This Day In Music

This Day In Music

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