9 Rock Star Ghost Stories to keep you awake at night

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Stories of the paranormal are …well … the norm these days. Fortunately for us, rock stars have their share of ghost stories and the like too!

On this week’s Loudini Rock & Roll Circus Podcast we will tell you 9 rock star ghost stories that will freak you the f**k out!
Topics Discussed:
What is a ghost?
mental projection brought on by stress or wishful thinking?
some artifact or “glitch” in the simulation?
energy from a tragic event?
a spirit of a deceased person or demon etc?
the chelsea hotel
Randall Carlson… origins of Halloween

10 Horror Stories from These Rock ‘n Roll Artists

New & Notable:
Lily : MOnster Truck
Kevin: Pete Dankelshon
Loudini: Blind Guardian -Life Beyond The Spheres
Loudini’s Great Moments in YouTube:
Rock & Roll True Stories… Johnny Cash and Jim Morrison ghost stories
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