The Darkness; Permission to Land

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On this week’s Loudini Rock & Roll Circus Podcast we discuss the story behind the debut album from The Darkness; Permission to Land
Topics Discussed:
Yes… they are a real band
No they are not “just like steel panther”
Formation of the band
Recording and release
1.”Black Shuck”3:202.”Get Your Hands off My Woman”2:463.”Growing on Me”3:294.”I Believe in a Thing Called Love”3:365.”Love Is Only a Feeling”4:196.”Givin’ Up”3:347.”Stuck in a Rut”3:178.”Friday Night”2:569.”Love on the Rocks with No Ice”5:5610.”Holding My Own”4:56
New & Notable:
Lily : Sixty Nine Eyes
Loudini: Stevie T
Loudini’s YouTube Review:
Stevie T’s How to be Slipknot video
the remix of Taxman
new Nickelback
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