WTF Happened to the band Triumph?

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So we all know about the Canadian “power trio” RUSH… but almost no one talks about Canada’s OTHER amazing power trio… Triumph.
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On this week’s Loudini Rock & Roll Circus podcast, we will tell you the story behind and celebrate the music of this underrated band… and answer the question “WTF Happened to Triumph?”

Topics Discussed:
Rik Emmett… visionary musician/artist… principle writer…idea generator
Mike Levine… handled promotions as well as bass and keys
Gil Moore… gear head… lights, lasers, pa systems… Metalworks Studio
Phil X

Favorite Tracks to Check out:
Hold On… disco bridge (edited out)… “wire choir”… opening lines: high school english assignment

Never Surrender

Fight The Good Fight

A World of Fantasy

Lay it on the Line

Magic Power

Follow your Heart

Rock and Roll Machine

Somebody’s Out There

Allied Forces
When the Lights Go Down
American Girls
Loudini’s discussion with Paul Nelson about Triumph Toured with their own production including PA…business decision. could keep production fees for themselves Rik almost punched out by Bon Scott Identity issues

New & Notable:

Lily : Dishwalla Alive
Loudini: “Blues-A-Fied”; Anthony Gomes
Lyrics with Loudini: “Magic Power”; Triumph
Franchise bands?
Listener comments
This Day In Music


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