10 Songs That Taught Us That CRIME Doesn’t PAY

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Rockers have been having dust ups with the law since the first time Elvis was arrested in 1955. Given all of the various interactions with law enforcement and the courts over the last 7 odd decades, rock and roller’s are in a unique position to put fans wise to the perils of running afoul of the law.
On this week’s Loudini Rock & Roll Circus Podcast, we will tell you the stories behind 10 songs that taught us that crime doesn’t pay
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Topics Discussed:
Uneasy Rider ’88 Charlie Daniels
I fought the law
Gimme Some Water _eddie Money
The Authority Song… John Mellencamp
Hot Rod Lincoln…. Commander Cody
SHakedown… Bob Seger
Dirty Deeds… AC/DC
Hurricane… Bob Dylan
Dead End Justice…. The Runaways
New and notable:
Lily: The Almas
Lyrics With Loudini:
Hot Rod Lincoln
This Day In Music


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