Exile on Main Street; Album Retrospective

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What do you do when the government is about to seize your assets for unpaid back taxes? You leave the country. You and your band hide out a former NAZI headquarters in France and record one of the greatest albums of all time.
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I am talking about Exile on Main Street by the Rolling Stones. On this week’s Loudini Rock & Roll Circus podcast we will give the you crazy story behind this classic album.
Topics Discussed:
back story
bad management… sold millions but saw very little money
93% tax rate!
wrongly assumed management had paid the taxes etc…
Did a short “farewell tour” of England
Move to south of France…. with their families and significant others.
Mick marries Bianca… followed by giant star studded party at Keith’s mansion
They genuinely didn’t want to move… missed England.
French Photographer Dominic Tarle’ got invited to stay and photograph the entire process
Couldn’t find a place to record… chose convenience of Keith’s basement.
Tough to get started… members were spread out around france. MEmbers ended up staying at Keith’s most often.
Family life often overlapped professional life
Mick Taylor was excited by the prospect.
“separation” was an issue. Band members often recorded from different rooms
problems with humidity and electricity
but creativity was flowing… loose but slowly productive… might workd on the same song for a few days with little to no progress but then it would come together, usually under the direction of Keith
Label rep, MArshall Chess was shocked by how they worked… taking their time to come up with even one song
“this band does it’s best work when they don’t know they’re working” Keith
music that they had picked up traveling the world especially America where drawn upon for the songs
Many guest musicians
the kids rolled joints
Mid September… 8 guitars and bass and a saxophone are stolen despite people being around
Most everyone left by fall. Keith and Anita feared getting busted
Only had fragments at the end of that time.
Made cut outs of lyrics and mixed and machted to get songlyrics finished
Finished at sunset sound in los angeles…. hours and hours of going through tapes.
mixing was long too… mick would mix a song… then keith would mix it and they would argue
ALbum criticised for not having a clear direction ..years later became considered their greatest album
Song highlights:

The Rolling Stones – Exile On Main Street

“Stones in Exile”…documentary
New and notable:
Lily: Diamante
Lou: Iconic ; “Nowhere to Run”
Lyrics With Loudini: Tumblin’ Dice (keith’s amazing guitar work)
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