Walking into Clarksdale

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From the day that they broke up, December 4, 1980, Led Zeppelin fans had been crying for a renunion. All through the 1980s their influence could be felt. Band’s like Kingdom Come, Bonham, 80s era White Snake and several others helped to fill that void but never quite fit the bill for true Zeppelin fans.
Then in the 1994 Jimmy Page and Robert Plant reunited for a series of shows which would be filmed by MTV and later released as the No Quarter album.
This was a milestone in rock music. Fans finally had the spirit of Led Zeppelin back for at least a few years and in 1998 Page and Plant released an album of new material in almost 20 years called Walking into Clarksdale.
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On this week’s Loudini Rock and Roll Circus we will tell you the story behind Page & Plant’s Walking Into Clarksdale; the Semi-Zeppelin reunion that took us all back to the glory days for a brief period in the 1990s
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Topics covered:
Heart in your hand… lonesome guitar
Most High… single…most zeppelin
Blue Train… tender ballad about robert’s deceassed son
Please Read the Letter… sounds like a b -side from Led IV… grammy song later with Alisson Krauss
Walking into Clarksdale… something for the AAA crowd
Golden Horse… Now were getting somewhere… good riff. cool “cinematic” string session ala Kasmir. although a little inconsistent with low key verses
When the world was young… slow
Burning Up… YES another rocker… still not the Immagrant Song or Whole Lotta Love… but I’ll take it even though a bit mid tempo
When I was a Child… left over from one of robert’s solo albums
House of Love… cool distorted drum sound… adventurous production and chord changes… but does it work?
Sons of Freedom… interesting production and choices by page… but needs more energy from Plant. most aggressive track… should have opened the album
Shinging in The Light… nice song …maybe a left over from IV or Presence
Conclusion… would have been better as a Robert Plant album with Jimmy Page as a guest
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