Groupies… Beyond the Cliche’

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We have heard about rock and roll groupies. The popular misconception is that they are basically ladies who have sex with rock stars…. period.


But the role of the groupie is much more nuanced than most of us realized.


Check out what Pam De  Barres, groupie to Keith Moon and a few others says about her role, “I’m still trying to set that word [groupie] straight because all it means is just a music lover who wants to be near the band. Period. That’s all it means, in whatever capacity. Sexual? Sometimes yes, but also friends, helpers, assistants, guides… we wanted to uplift and enhance these people who moved us so much. That’s all that a groupie is. They are music-loving muses.”

On this week’s (tonight’s) Loudini Rock and Roll Circus Podcast we will tell the stories of the greatest groupies in rock and roll and dispel their sordid reputations!


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Topics Discussed:

Pam DeBarres

Bebe Buell

Sable Star

Chris O’dell

Cynthia Plaster Caster

Audrey Hamilton

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