Musical Homonyms

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So back in 2007 I saw that there was a new song by Foo Fighters call “The Pretender”.  Knowing Dave Grohl’s love of classic rock, I assumed that it was a remake of the  classic Jackson Browne song from 1976.  I was excited to hear their take on one of my favorite songs. Imagine my shock and confusion when I finally heard the song and it WAS NOT the Jackson Browne song!

I really don’t understand why Dave Grohl would do this.  Has he ever heard the Jackson Browne song?  It’s terribly confusing. The Foo Fighter song is a great song in it’s own right but I can’t help but think that they should have called it something else; not only to avoid confusing old classic rockers like me but out or respect to one  rock’s  greatest songwriters.

There are a lot of different songs with the same names and I don’t know about your but these “musical homonyms” frustrate me.

On this week’s Loudini Rock and Roll Circus podcast  we will tell you all about 10 different Musical  Homonyms that you may not be aware of… some of them even cross genres. Don’t worry… we will help you make sense of it all. After all, we are professionals!


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