15 Songs that made Classic Movie Scenes

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In 1991 Silence of the Lambs was released to massive critical and commercial acclaim.

Like most people, I went to see it and was completely  blown away.

The film is full of very memorable scenes but one of the ones that immediately stuck in my head was the scene where Catherine Martin  (the senator’s daughter) is driving just before she is abducted by Buffalo Bill.

The lyrics that we hear are:

After all it was a great big world / With lots of places to run to / Yeah, and if she had to die tryin’ / She had one little promise she was gonna keep / Oh yeah, all right / Take it easy, baby / Make it last all night / She was an American girl.

It’s freakin’ PERFECT and ever since that I scene, I cannot hear “American Girl” without thinking of Catherine Martin rocking out in her car about to become Buffalo Bill’s next victim!

On this week’s Loudini Rock & Roll Circus podcast we tell you the stories behind  15 songs that helped to create magic movie moments.

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Goodfellas …. Layla

Silence of the Lambs… American Girl

Forrest Gump… Freebird

Reservoir Dogs… Stuck in the Middle with You

Blue Velvet… Blue Velvet

Almost Famous…. Tiny Dancer

Better of Dead… Everybody Wants Some

Risky Business…. Old Time Rock and Roll

The Cable Guy…. Somebody to Love

American Pyscho… Hip to be Square

Say Anything….In Your Eyes

Waynes World… Behemian Rhapsody

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