Heavy Metal Soundtrack; Album Retrospective

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For this month’s Loudini Rock & Roll Circus album retrospective we will tell you all about one of the great guitar driven soundtracks of all time. 1981’s Heavy Metal set a new standard for featuring the best rock artists of the day and lots of boobs too!

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Heavy Metal … Sammy Hagar

Heart Beat …. Riggs

Radar Rider…. Riggs

Working in a coal mine…. DEVO

Veteran of the Psychic Wars… Blue Oyster Cult

Reach Out …. Cheap Trick

I must be Dreaming…. Cheap Trick

Heavy Metal (Takin a ride)… Don Felder

All of You… Don Felder

True Companion… Donald Fagen

Crazy… Nazareth

Open Arms…. Journey

Queen Bee…. Grand Funk Railroad

Mob Rules… Black Sabbath

Prefabricated… Trust

Blue Lamp… Stevie Nicks

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