The GREATEST YouTube music channels you need to watch!


Get a FREE EP HERE: if you love great guitar driven rock from the 70s, 80s, 90s and even today, you will want to get my EP “The Bad Years”. Get your copy while supplies last! Remember the golden era of MTV? I do! My friends and I would sit in front of the television for hours waiting to see our favorite video. The idea that someday we would be able to do the same thing only without having to wait for our favorite videos but be able to create our own play lists to suit whatever mood we were in wasn’t ever a thought that entered our minds! Fast forward…like a WHOLE LOT… LOL! Now it’s the age of YouTube and that fantasy that never entered my mind is now a reality. I actually have SEVERAL music playlists on various music related topics This sounds like heaven…right? But wait… there is just one problem… With SO many choices, how do you know where to find the music channels that you will REALLY LOVE? Yes you can search but that can be very time consuming. So that’s why you won’t want to miss this week’s Loudini Rock & Roll Circus Podcast… see what I did there? On this week’s Loudini Rock & Roll Circus podcast we will show you ten of the greatest music based YouTube channels so you can enjoy your holidays with great music content!

Check out the podcast hereĀ

This day in Music: Sixx Sense… my favorite riff Sammy Hagar… road trip series Rick Beato… What Makes this Song Great? Martin Miller… Cover songs and Ultimate Medley Series Daryl’s House Club… search youtube for “Live from Daryl’s House” Steve Terreberry… Stevie T Loudwire… rock and metal news, top 10s etc… Grooveyard Records… record label channel; blues based hard rock Nuclear Blast Records… record label; new heavy metal releases Polyphonic.. music appreciation Honorable Mentions: Rageaholic… heavy metal retrospectives with social commentary and movie reviews too Carter Vintage Guitars… current guitar greats performing on beautiful vintage instruments The Main Squeeze Music… KILLER covers Post Modern Jukebox… jazz covers of pop and rock Todd in the shadows… music reviews and “vs” videos Steven Seagalls… metal done in a bluegrass style Needle Drop… all music styles, reviews and top tens etc… Colt Clark and the Quarantine Kids… family band does covers Frog Leap Studios… metal covers of any song you can think of Psycho Stick… metal band… fun… don’t take themselves to seriously Walk off the Eart

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