Interview with TJ Leonard

tjTj Leonard got his first guitar from his grandfather when he was eight. He taught his grandchild to play swedish folk music and evergreens. Soon TJ was introduced to pop and blues through his cousin that was a little bit older and played in a famous swedish pop band. At eighteen he became lead singer and guitar player in a dance band. A lot of genres passed through TJ:s life. Jazz, hard rock, gospel, soul/r&b but not until country music came along it felt like home. Together with Tex Taylor he started CHESTNUT band in 2010 and later that year they released their first single 110% Country followed by the EP American Dream. CHESTNUT band played at most of the country festivals all around Sweden and even in Denmark and in both 2012 and 2013 they were nominated in Swedish Country Music Championships.
Sometimes things change and it´s time to write a new chapter. Therefore TJ decided late 2013 to release his songs under his own name TJ Leonard.


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