Interview with Franki Denull

Massachusetts singer-songwriter, Franki Dennull is a man of music and faith, and he brings those two aspects of himself together with wisdom, balance, and obvious talent in his brand new single, “Butterfly”, releasing on Shine On Records on November 15th!
Dennull writes and performs under the band name “Purpose for Life” for a long time, and though the members have changed, Dennull’s purpose and reasons for making music have stayed the same. When he started making music with Wendy Dennull in 1991, it was obvious that their harmonies were perfect compliments, and they’ve been making music together ever since!

franki2Dennull’s music has been compared to that of The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and Tom Petty, and while those are accurate reflections of the musical influences that can be readily discovered in “Butterfly”, Dennull does Franki_Dennullretain his own unique sound that’s not quite like any of those artists.
There are subtle differences in overall song composition, lyrical message, instrumentation, and vocal tone that make “Butterfly” stand out from the past, and with its rolling melodies, expanded harmonies, and uplifting lyrics, “Butterfly” seems as apt a title as the lyrical content. There’s a great sense of lightness and softness of the heart in this song that gently reassure the subconscious that there is good in the world, so when you’re in need of a great song to warm your soul, a cool tune to hit the road with, or a friendly jam to ease into your evening or weekend, make “Butterfly” your choice!
PURPOSE is a Band, it’s a ministry , and it’s a life long dream . Our hope is to reach the world with our music for the sake of the Gospel ( the Truth) The music is a tool to show off our Father. He is the reason we live and breathe and have our being…
Franki Dennull has been using the name PURPOSE as a band and cause since 1978. Though the players have changed, PURPOSE remains. Now PURPOSE FOR LIFE .”We are all called to a purpose, and ours is to make music that not only pleases the ear, but blesses the soul,” says Franki. It has been said that Franki’s songs paint pictures in your mind and leave an impression on your heart. That is exactly what music is suppose to do. It takes you from where you are to a place you want to be.

There is a strong Christian message if you listen for it .Classic Rock and blues is the style of music that PURPOSE FOR LIFE is mostly described as. Franki’s writing and vocal style has been compared to John Lennon / Beatlesque, and Bob Dylan and Tom Petty as well , while still retaining his own unique style.

When Franki and Wendy Dennull started making music together in 1991, it was a forgone conclusion that their harmonies were a winning combination. After Franki struggled with his own failures, their marriage ended and the music stopped. But that was not the end of the story. Through many tears and prayers, God brought this dynamic couple back together and they were re-married on New Year’s Eve 2011.Ordained Evangilists and “Musicianaries”. . Now they endeavor to shine their light and bring the music back.

Getting The Hell Out and Making Music For Christ’s Sake…….

PURPURPOSE FOR LIFE has preformed in several prisons on the Eastern Sea board as well as churches and festivals . All Church denominations Weddings, Funerals , as well as coffee houses and clubs across the country.

They have enjoied global radio air play for their music and interviews alike.

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