Hosted by: LouLombardi aka “Loudini”
Title: Interview with Pam Taylor and Robert Johnson of Stolen Hearts
Time: 11/01/2015 12:00 PM EST
stolen2Episode Notes: PAM TAYLOR & ROBERT JOHNSON JR. Heart is the name of the game for these two lovers. Self-taught musicians, they have each poured their passion for blues and soul into a given talent that has been moving audiences of all ages in their powerhouse performances together as Stolen Hearts. Both raised in the Carolina’s, the lives of Pam Taylor and Robert Johnson Jr. took a number of twist and turns, along with many ups and downs, before their musical paths crossed. Star struck, they quickly became each other’s biggest fans. Recently engaged, these award winning rock artists had successful individual careers before joining forces in 2014 to start creating even more musical magic. “Dirty Southern Soul Music” is what they call it. It’s a jazzy kind of folk rock specially crafted to deliver the tales of these two musicians, who they are and how they came to be, with an honesty that inspires and heals. It’s undoubtedly their authentic connection with their fast growing numbers of fans that has sparked their popularity.

stolenTheir touring escapades have been making a lot of noise on the road. Rock artists with heart; their vigorous and vibrant performances are winning over crowds as they take them on a journey of their lives through their unique sounds. Their song lyrics reveal that life hasn’t always been pretty. But it has certainly provided a lot of material for their on-stage living-room-style comedy routine where, like life itself, there’s always room for silly jokes even though sometimes things can get serious. Always embracing opportunities to connect with their fans – who they call their FRANS (combining their friends with fans) – Pam and Robert see their musical talents as a privilege, and seek opportunities to give back to their community in as many ways as possible. They both prioritize sharing their talents freely to raise money for various charities and benefits. Pam also participates in Girls Rock Charlotte, an empowering camp for young girls, helping them to find their voice, while having fun learning rock and roll skills.
Music, to them, is healing. Whether they are playing to small crowds in restaurants or on big stages at festivals, Stolen Hearts have witnessed, first hand, the spiritual benefits of music, enjoyed by both artists and audiences alike. They want their audiences to leave feeling loved and appreciated. They truly are grateful for their gifts, having suffered many trials and tribulations, with Pam overcoming addiction and Robert having faced his own challenges; now being able to share their music together is ever sweeter. It’s no coincidence that, being a blues woman, Pam would fall for a man named Robert Johnson! Pam was lucky enough to receive a year of mentorship on her guitar skills from fellow blues woman Debbie Davis after the Pam Taylor Band dismantled early in 2014. Topping several music charts with her debut CD ‘Hot Mess,’ Pam is eagerly anticipating getting into the studio to record their new creations and combining her skills with Roberts singing, songwriting and composition talents.

Pam Taylor
WINNER 2012 Charlotte Music Awards for “Best Female Rock Band” and “Best Blues Band”
Voted Created Loafing Magazines Readers pick for ” Best Local Songwriter”
1st Runners Up in the 2012 Charlotte Blues Society Talent Competition
Nominated for Best Rock Female 2013 – Carolina Music Awards
WINNER Best Rock Female 2013- Queen City Music Awards
Nominated for Best Rock/Blues Release 2013 – The Blues 411 “Jimi” Awards
Nominated for Best Female Singer 2013- Severn “Doc’s” Awards
WINNER for Best Female Rock 2014- Carolina Music Award
WINNER for Best Female Rock Artist of the Year 2014- Queen City Music Award
Nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year 2014- Artist Music Guild Heritage Award – Top 5 Finalist*
Nominated for Best Female Rock Artist 2015- Carolina Music Awards

Robert Johnson
Nominated for Best Male Rock Artist 2015- Carolina Music Awards
Winner for Best Male Rock Artist 2014 Queen City Music Awards
Winner for Best Singer/Songwriter 2014 Charlotte Music Awards
Nominated for Best Rock Male 2013 Carolina Music Awards
Nominated for Best Rock Male 2013 Queen City Music Awards
Feature in Americana Rhythm Music Magazine June 2014 Issue
Chosen for Georgia’s Outlaw Nation USA Battle of the Bands 2014
2014 Raw Natural Born Artist
Feature in Alternate Root Magazine June Issue 2014
Aint No Man is currently the theme song for “Huntin The World Southern Style” a reality show on the Outdoor Channel
Snow Jams Artist of The Year 2015

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