How to Maintain a Good Environment for a Guitar

How to Maintain a Good Environment for a Guitar
If your guitar’s been cold for several hours, give the guitar time to warm up gradually after you bring it indoors. A good practice is to leave the guitar in its case until the case warms up to room temperature. Exposing the guitar to radical temperature shifts can cause finish checking, the cracking of your finish that results because it can’t expand and contract well enough with the wood beneath it.

Keep the guitar in an environment near standard room temperature and the relative humidity at about 50 percent, and you’re never going to hear your guitar complain (even if you have a talking guitar). You shouldn’t put your guitar in a hot tub even if you offer it a margarita, no matter how comfortable that makes you.

Guitars, whether they’re made in Hawaii or Arizona, are all built under humidity-controlled conditions, which stay at about 50 percent. To maintain your guitar, you must also maintain that humidity between 45 to 55 percent. Guitars that get too dry crack; guitars that absorb too much moisture swell and buckle.

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