System. That word might make you think of a lot of things. A video game system, a surround sound system, an exercise system, etc., but I want you look at that word in an entirely new way. Remember this simple mnemonic device: Save Yourself Sacred Time, Energy & Money. I run into a lot of musicians and we talk about what they are doing. Some are trying to figure out how to play their guitar faster, others want to sing higher in their chest voice, some are trying to book more gigs. All of them are trying to figure out how to accomplish these tasks, but why??
All the things they are trying to do, someone else has already figured out. Instead, they are spending time, energy, and money they can’t get back, and spinning in circles. There’s no need  There are already systems out there to get you where you need to be and help you create what  Do a Google search on how to play faster, or how to book gigs, or to make money as a musician,  and you will get pages and pages of information from experts who have already figured these  things out. My advice to you is take a lot of notes, read every article you can, watch every video  you discover, and if you find someone that is selling a program, a coach, to help you accomplish.  Purchasing programs that will help you isn’t spending money; it’s investing in your future. Take in as many ideas as you can. Some of them you will accept right away, others you might reject.
And sometimes you will just take pieces of an idea that work for you. What will this achieve? This will help you build your own personal system. Gather materials and create the system that works for you. And when you have that system in  place you will “save yourself sacred time, energy & money.”
Think of your favorite dinner. Let’s say it’s chicken parmesan. Do you go out and try to create this dish from scratch on your own without a guide? No, you find the person who makes it the best, and you use that recipe, adding or taking away from it as you see fit. You like a thicker sauce, you like a different cheese, you change it. You recreate that perfect dish, while adding  Creating a system is much like perfecting a recipe. The basics are there. Use the guide, and then make it better, suited to you. Add your flavor. And once you’ve succeeded, you better believe.
Time will be saved because there is no guesswork; you will be following a program. Energy will be saved because you will have a clear focus and the tools to make it happen; and money will be saved because you have a plan and you’ve done your research.
Something to remember when creating your system is to build in some flexibility. Your business  and your craft will grow, and what you needed in the beginning may change, so make it easy to modify what you are doing for each stage of your growth. Save yourself sacred time, energy, and money. And watch your goals turn into realities. To your success!

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