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Why do people find it so strange for someone of a certain race to listen to what they consider another race’s type of music? Just because a person grows up in a rich family and lives in a big, plush home in the suburbs doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy listening to rap music. Just as there is nothing wrong with a person who grows up in the inner city, and chooses to listen to alternative rock music.
It doesn’t matter if they grew up listening to a totally different type of music, because once they reach a certain age, they will start listening to different radio stations and watching music videos. This will introduce them to a whole new world of music diversity, and they just may discover that they like totally different music than their peers.
Some people claim that environmental factors have a lot to do with the type of music a person prefers. Most music buffs have diverse tastes when it comes to what they prefer to listen to.
There is no such thing as this type of music. Just as music has no color, it also has no age.
There are all types of music, too: Rock, rhythm and blues, jazz, gospel, and many other genres as well as sub-genres. And everyone listens to some type of music. What makes a person like a certain type of music?

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