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As far as their studio releases go 1978’s Who are You remains one of their finest achievements. Two of my personal favorites are the title track Who are You and melodic and beautiful Music Must Change. This album remains a shining gem in already stellar career. Even after Keith Moon had passed on, the band managed to reinvent itself. They were making the trends instead of following them. Even towards the end of their studio career they managed to put out some great albums. One is Face Dances from 1981 feature the hits You Better You Bet and Another Tricky Day. Another one is It’s Hard from 1982 featuring the classic song Eminence Front. There are two great albums worth checking out.

The Who is an English rock band that started in the 1960’s and minus a few hiatuses have managed to be together since. The Who tend to get overshadowed by a lot of the other big acts that were out at the time. This is a real shame because they definitely deserve their place in the annals of rock n rock history. Along with Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones, the Who were deeply influenced by America’s Southern Blues of the previous generation. The Who in comparison to the other acts were more aggressive. Their songs were short and fast and tended to be about off color subjects of a more real nature than even what the Rolling Stones were doing.

Their catalogue is littered with great albums. One of my favorite live albums of all time is Live at Leeds from 1970. While the whole album lasts less than twenty minutes it is a great example of why the Who are still remembered as one of craziest live acts of their day. This was after the point that the band was smashing the whole set up as part of their stage show.

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