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  • ​Do you love sick riffs? Want to know how they're written?
  • Would you like access to exclusive podcasts and interviews?
  • Would you like to know the secret to writing great lyrics?
  • ​Would you like be a part of tight nit community of like minded people united to keep rock alive?
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Here Are the Details!
For a LIMITED TIME Lou Lombardi, guitarist, singer, songwriter and host of The Loudini Rock and Roll Circus Podcast is accepting select individuals into his private Facebook group (Lou Lombardi's Inner Circle) for a one of a kind experience!
As one of these hand picked individuals you will get a chance to get a rare behind the scenes look at the life of a hard working and hard rocking musician...and discover a ton of great bands that almost NO ONE knows about!

You will also have access to exclusive audio and video downloads, live in the studio video streams, and exclusive live performances that will not be available ANY PLACE ELSE! a BONUS...
 You will be welcome to give input on the making of Lou's new album and ....
if you're a real rocker you could even get your name listed on the album credits.
There is NO COST for participating in this group. This a COMPLETELY FREE opportunity!
Do not miss out on this one of a kind experience
Since we cannot allow just any one into this exclusive offer we have created a brief questionnaire to help us vet out the wannabes.
If you think that you have what it takes click the "Apply Now!" button below and you will be taken to our short questionnaire... Do It NOW!
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